Ride for Africycle 6.0 Day Three: Kingston to Presquile (Pt. 2)

Continuing on with our journey West towards Presquile we found ourselves at Barley Days Brewery. You might recall that we somehow blew by the place on our way East earlier in the trip and had a bit of a wake up call about what exactly this ride was all about…. So this time we stopped in . . . !

It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but once inside you know that you are in a fun and warm brewery with an equally fun and warm guy named Jeremy behind the bar!!!

I had met Jeremy a few months before at (of all places) Norman Hardie’s winery where he and I had sampled a few odds and ends as part of an event involving running on a very hot day, great food and a lot of wine, cider and Barley Days Brewery products. Jeremy is a good dude with a great sense of humour!!

This time round he served us up some samples and then we dove in and joined him in a bit of beer consumption . . . really good beer by the way!!!

Back out on the road. We made our way a little further West until we came across a Ride for Africycle favourite place that serves (among many other things) homemade sugar donuts. They are served up in a brown bag and are truly amazing . . . !!!

With lots of delicious but empty calories to burn we continued on past lovely old homes . . .

And into the immediate environs of Presquile . . .

which are truly beautiful . . . . We rode quickly past the entrance

along a glorious park road until we found our campsites which were ready for us to pitch our tents in and came . . .

complete with the awesome and wonderful Ben and Sheila who had biked down from Peterborough to meet us!!!

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