Ride for Africycle 6.0 Day Three: Kingston to Presquile (Pt.3)

Well! In all the excitement of posting yesterday’s chapter of the Ride for Africycle 6.0 tour of epicurean and velocipede-based pleasures I neglected to mention a relatively brief but delicious stop in at Norman Hardie’s winery!

Yes, we made a slight detour off the route (and wouldn’t you?!!) to pay our respects to Norman once more. We were greeted by one of his staff who treated us to three spectacular cheeses and some bright red crabapples that we washed down with some astonishing and chilled white wine!! What a day of good eats and good drinks!

So, back to the present. A night at Presquile is always a pleasure. This year we had elected to be on a smaller set of sites which were closer to the shoreline, and we could hear the waves not very far from where we pitched our tents. Between that and the wind rustling the leaves it was nothing short of idyllic.

Now for those of you who remember the weather of that week we rode in, you’ll be wondering what the weather was like for the riders. Surprisingly for our supporters in both Peterborough and Toronto (who told us later of endless rain), we remained almost entirely dry. Here are the tents showing a little bit of rain on them . . . It was a blessing – one of many – that this happened when we weren’t on the bikes – in fact the two nights we were at Presquile it rained (and not heavily) and I love rain falling on a tent at night so it was an absolute pleasure!!!

After a long hot shower and shave I took a walk down by the Lake.

Dinner our first night at Presquile was spaghetti and you know that there was tons because Jerrett the Wonderchef knows, we burn the carbs and we’ve got to replace them . . .fast!!! Settlers of Catan made an appearance and I struggled to grasp even the basic concept but it’s a cool game and one that I want to learn more about . . . .

Bed came early for the riders.

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