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While our crew of 20+ riders are riding around The Great Lake, Ontario, Jonny Perrot will be doing a 211km solo ride through the Malawian hillsides . . . making the Ride for Africycle a truly international event.

Regular readers of our little blog, will already be familiar with Jonny, since we posted his Day in the Life photo’s a couple of weeks ago. Jonny emailed us with some more information regarding his ride, which you can read in its entirety below.  But first, Jonny’s bio:

Name: Jonny Perrott
Title: Africycle Country Director (Malawi)
Job: A little bit of everything.
Age: 22 and a 1/2
Status: Single
Height: Huge
Weight: 185lbs

My name is Jonny. I say and write the word “bike” in any given day enough times that it hurts.  Am I a cyclist, you ask? Answer: Yes, but I think of my self more like a Cyclogist.

I live on a mountain. Cool eh?  The Ride for Africycle is a thing that excites me.  What are some other things that excite me, you ask?  Answer: big fires, high speed, blueprint and technical drawings, big ideas, a good poo, cool drawings, nice people, keepin’ it real, good storytelling, jokes, adventure, music . . .

I am not going to be joining any of you in the “Ride for Africycle.”  But, I will be doing a version of the “Ride from Africycle”
my ride will be a self supported solo ride from July 3–5/2009.

Day One: Starting at the Africycle shop located in Zomba, Malawi.  I will be riding south to Mount Mulanje (Malawi’s tallest mountain)
Day Two: Riding around the mountain
Day Three: riding back to Zomba. (home) I will also be taking pictures along the way!


The picture attached is the best estimate I can get for distance. Don’t be fooled by the number of km’s . . . the roads are kinda weird here, and distances will be about 2/3 longer than they look on the map . . . and the roads will be washboard/sand.

Good Luck everyone!   I’m trying my best to join you.

Jonny Perrot

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