Ride Jumpoff!

Friends.  It is July 3rd, 2009 . . . and Ride for Africycle 3.0 hit the road nearly two hours ago.  The bus, the riders, media and well-wishers alike descended on the front steps of Peterborough’s City Hall for a brief kick off ceremony.  Tyres were inflated, brakes dialed, carb gels loaded into pockets and peanut butter sandwiches were consumed—and with that, the riders starting riding.  It was a beautiful sight.

Today the Ride will meander along towards Whitby, site of the first nights destination, which is also one of the only indoor accommodations on the trip.  Depending on what happens with the rain today, the Riders will probably be rather stoked on being inside tonight.  Updates throughout the trip may or may not be frequent . . . it all depends on internet connections along the route.  That said, we will try our best to bring you as many updates as possible.

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