An Update


An update, really?  Yes.  This is an update.  The truth is we have been busy riding bikes and making plans to ride bikes around Lake Ontario, that things like blog posts keep getting pushed down the priority list.  If you are an avid reader of this site, you will see that 90% of our blog posts start off with the requisite “sorry, we haven’t posted anything in a while”.  Why should this post be any different?

That being said, things are progressing along with both Africycle and Ride for Africycle.  Rider registration for Ride 3.0 is officially closed!  Our final rider tally is somewhere between 8 and 136, but is mostly likely around 24. Check the Rider Page to see who has committed themselves to the trip.

We had our first rider meeting this past Sunday and it was a good chance to ask and answer questions and get to know one another.  When things like meetings and such start to happen, the excitement level slowly builds.  More and more details begin to fall into place and it becomes clear to all involved that in 8 weeks time, each of us will be riding away from Peterborough, not to see it again for at least 1000km.  It is a beautiful thought.  Of course, we do this because we believe in the work being done in Malawi by Africycle, and we stand behind that work by raising money and awareness for Africycle, but there is something else.  Riding bicycles is a wonderful thing.  I am not talking about cycling or touring or anything connected to fashion, gear, or performance.  I am talking about bicycle riding.  The act of moving your pedals around and around whilst looking at stuff you wouldn’t see if traveling by car.  Simple.

Riders.  Look forward to it.

As for Africycle . . . they are working on some really big things.  Truly.  More details on that when they are ready for public consumption

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