Ride Update | One


A quick update from Bruuks:

Ok.  A quick report on Day 1.  We arrive at around 3 PM in Whitby after an excellent day on the road.  We stopped for lunch at Tyrone Mill, and had some awesome food prepared by the support crew, and some awesome donuts and coffee supplied by the Tyrone Mill Bakery.  It is stellar.

We managed to avoid the rain all day, which was nice.  Some of us need help reading directions and maps and roadsigns.  Four of us, myself included, wound up doing an extra 10 km today, as we missed a turn.  Part of it involved a really awesome quick decent.  However, when we realized our mistake we then had a less awesome ascent to do to get back to the right road.

The Raponi household has fed us well, and we`re enjoying our evening here immensely, sipping fine wines, sitting by a campfire, playing cards, laughing, enjoying life.

Tomorrow we ride through Toronto, avoiding mounds of garbage and striking workers . . .

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