Ride Update | Two

Support Team Leader, Mike Siddall sent this through:

Thought you might enjoy some pics.  There is one from lunch yesterday by the bus, a good image from Tyrone Mills.  It was a great day, amazing night at the Raponis as I’m sure you can imagine.  They fed us like kings, and of course, everyone had a merry ol time.

Today, we awoke to the big breakfast . . . and a long day of riding.  The riders had a fairly adventurous day, most opting to wade through the Lake Ontario to navigate the Scarborough Bluffs.  Everyone arrived at Ashbridges Bay in good time, but we had a bit of a late lunch.

The late lunch, lead to a bit of a late arrival.  By that, I mean it’s 7:30 now, and about 5 riders have arrived at our Hamilton home.  It was a long day but a good one.  The weather was beautiful!

Now, we rest looking forward to another great weather day tomorrow as we head for the U.S of A.


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