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As Ride for Africycle 3.0 continues to wind its way around Lake Ontario (The Ride is presently somewhere in the vicinity of Rochester NY), the international installment of Ride for Africycle, that being, Ride for Africycle Malawi, has come to a close.

Ride for Africycle Malawi consisted of one fellow. Jonny Perrot.  He rode from his house in Zomba, and rounded the base of Malawi’s largest mountain.  Jonny sent me an email, which I have reposted here . . . and a video of his trip, you’ll have to get past the excessive wind noise in some parts, but please do, this clip is so awesome!

hey man

I uploaded the vid on to to the vimeo page.
It speaks for itself.
My batteries died so I only captured day 1.
total ride distance 278km
3 days.
total raised: 680$


Jonny . . .

Ride for Africycle:Malawi from Ride For Africycle on Vimeo.

Jonny Perrot is awesome. There, I said it. Publicly.

Also, it would be foolish to mention riding bicycles in Africa and not post this epic trailer from the Zenga’s Brother’s new film. The Zenga’s are very fine friends of Africycle. Enjoy.

We’ll be back with a Ride for Africycle 3.0 update as soon as one rolls in.

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