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Mike Siddall came through with a massive update today. Enjoy:

Sunday July 5
Four Mile State Park

What an amazing day! We rode from Hamilton through to Four Mile State Park, near Niagara falls. The riders got a great chance to ride along the lake in St. Catharine’s/ Niagara and all had no problems through the border along to the camp site.

The support team, also had no problems at the border and were amazed by the courtesy and graciousness that has been extended by everyone we’ve met along the journey so far. Our American friends, can get a pretty bad wrap from time to time, but judging by what we’ve seen here so far. Everyone has been so helpful and willing to chat with you about just about anything.

The campsite and the ride were amazing today. We had great weather, just warm enough to get some nice sun and not too warm to be killer to ride in. The highlight of this leg, would have to be those couple of riders who got a little lost along the way, realizing they were lost by recognizing the Rainbow Bridge they were supposed to be on in the distance . . . and later learning the Rainbow was neither the one they were on, or the one they were looking at.

This is the beauty of the ride, even though you may get a little lost along the way, everyone made it safely and happily arrived at camp, to their first Carl Nielson (Camp Chef) specialty, a crowd-pleaser, as always.


Monday July 6
Webster Family Park

The century day.  The ride has featured a day wherein the riders experience the thrill (aka agony) of a 100 mile trek in a day.  In this case, the day happened to also be our first day of rain.  The ride itself was a good one, with plenty of good experiences along the way, including supporting one another through minor injuries, finding a lost cat and pushing through to the finish of such a long ride.

The day was capped off with a big rainstorm that soaked camp just before the riders arrived, and again just after dinner.  This made life a little more challenging for the support crew, but gave me a good chance to use my tarp hanging/tree climbing skills.  All in all, it was another great day.


Tuesday July 7
Fair Haven

A solid ride yet again, though for some, it was a bit distracting on account of the many flat tires.  If you need a flat changed, like an Indy car pit stop, Sheila is your gal.  All around the riders are in good spirits, enjoying the many sights throughout the area.

Rochester was an interesting adventure for many, most notably, Andy Guthrie.  There was poor Andy, alone and lost riding along 104.  When, all of a sudden, there is the Africycle bus!  ‘Yes, the support crew can stop and help me’ he thinks.  ‘I’ll wave them down and they can tell me where I need to go’.  ‘Hey!!’ Andy waves . . .’ HEY!’ . . .’ Good job buddy’ waves back the support crew as they jovially drive by thinking to themselves, ‘Andy Guthrie, he’s such a good guy!  I’m so proud of him.’.

We won’t repeat what Andy was thinking at this moment, on account of the small children.  However, in a twist of fate that only the Ride for Africycle could offer, along came Sheila and others to guide Andy along in their ride through the rain, headed for the next stop  on this amazing adventure.


Wed July 8, 2009
Rest Day:

The tour has been going so well, everyone has been working so hard, that a rest day was all too welcome.  After the stormy night in Webster, with plenty of wet (clothes, bike seats, tents and socks) and a long few days of riding, a good ‘sleep in’ day was had by all.

We have spent the day lounging, playing games and eating lots of good food.  The weather is fairly cool, but Fair Haven is beautiful, so it’s a nice balance.  It’s a good day to just enjoy each others company and tell stories from the journey so far.  Right Carlo?!

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