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More updates from the road, through the eyes and texting skills of Mike Siddall:

July 9
We rode from our wonderful rest stop at Fair Haven State park, through to Westcott state park.  Another beautiful park, with some pretty killer accomodations.  The ride was fairly mild today, so the riders took their time getting there and once they arrived, everyone made haste to the beach.  After an afternoon of beach/swimming/volleyball, it was another fun night of games and good times.

July 10
The shortest day of the tour, we traveled from Westcott, back into our Canadian homeland . . . by way of Kingston.  The whole team made their way to the Wolfe Island ferry, where we got to experience what is like to put a 17 000LB bus on a small ferry.  Feeling that boat go up or down a couple feet was unnerving, though seeing the 10 feet hanging off the back over the water had to take the cake.  Kudos to Dave Barber on the bus driving skills today.

We had a nice lunch on the island and then made our way to Kingston, where Ben made arrangements for us to be a part of the busker festival here in Kingston.  Thousands of people were out in the city centre, so we got a chance to connect with folks, sell some t-shirts and had a great dinner all togther at a resturant downtown.

The riding today was amazing, the weather was gorgeous and we all really enjoyed the relaxed pace of the day.

Tommorow we make our way to Presquille prov park, then it’s the truly unfortunate end of what has been, an absolutely incredible adventure.


Camp site at Westcott


bus on the ferry

riders enjoying the ride

crossing the border into Canada

lunch activity at selkirk shores, a handstand competition. Carlo won.

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