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Northumberland Sunrise Rotary

Well, we finally arrived back in Peterborough on Sunday afternoon, somewhere around 3:00 PM after a long and at times difficult climb up the hills from Port Hope.  The last two days of the ride were very enjoyable, as we made our way from Kingston to Peterborough, fighting our way through a steady headwind coming off the lake.  We had many different Rotarians join us for various stages of the ride, some new faces and some familiar ones that joined us last year.  Pictured here are several folks from the Northumberland Sunrise Rotary Club who joined us for the ride from Brighton to Port Hope, and were kind enough to donate $3000 to Africycle.  Ben was really excited about finally getting to take a massive novelty cheque to the bank, so we’ll have to find out how that went.

All told, the Ride was a massive success.  The countless hours that went into planning the trip by so many people has once again been worth it.  It’s amazing what a bunch of people can do when the put their minds and hearts to it.  Everyone who had a hand in this year, whether it was riding, donating time and money, cooking, driving a bus, carrying gear, fixing bikes, praying for safety – you all helped contribute and you all deserve massive amounts of thanks.

Our fund raising goal was $30,000.  We don’t yet have a final tally for you, but we’ll post it when it comes in.  From what I’ve heard though, we’re very close to that goal!

Aside from some sore muscles and a few aches along the way, we were once again spared any major incidents.  Jordon’s 3 rules of cycling – 1) Look Good, 2) Go Fast and 3) Safety First! proved to be useful as this group of good looking, fast and steady, and safe riders once again completed a circuit of Lake Ontario.  At the end of it, the little computer on my bike said we did 1025 km.  I did a few extra from time to time, missing turns, chasing down those who missed turns, or turning around to check something out on the side of the road that I missed the first time by.  It’s amazing what a bunch of people riding bikes for a little over 1000 km can accomplish.  Along the way new friendships were built, old friendships were made deeper, and many a laugh was had.  It was truly the highlight of my summer, and I can’t wait to do it all again next year.

Plans are in the works for next year’s ride, so stay tuned.

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