Meet a 4.0 Rider.

Ride for Africycle 4.0 is starting to come together. A few people have already thrown their chips in the hat and have committed themselves to participating in this years ride.

One of these people, Steve Stienstra, was the 12th person to confirm a spot in this ramshackle peloton. While Steve is a nice guy and good friend, it wouldn’t be too far off the mark to perhaps, at first, balk at his involvement in an activity consisting of sustained physical exertion. Such as a 1000-ish km bike ride.

Steve doesn’t mind me saying (I checked with him) his participation level in sports has been minimal. I can quote Steve here; “I only play sports where I can smoke and drink at the same time”, thus limiting our fair Steven to Bowling and Sunday afternoon pick up Baseball.

However, in the last year and a bit, things have changed for Steve. He read a book which had such an effect on him, his diet was drastically altered and he dropped weight in a fast, yet healthy manner. I think he cut down on smoking (but probably not) and has found a renewed sense of physical prowess. Not too mention, he is much better looking than I recall.

Steve should be an inspiration to you.

I think it’s safe to say, within your circle of friends, you dropped a bomb on everyone by signing up for Ride for Africycle 4.0. What led you to this decision?
Over the past year I’ve decided to get healthy. It started with making better food choices. Since then I’ve lost 70 lbs. Now I’d like to do something more athletic. So I’ve been biking a lot around Toronto and really enjoying it.

Then, on “Awesome Internet Site” I kept seeing things popping up about the Africycle ride. I started playing with the idea in my head and decided to go for it, to challenge myself with something I think is going to be fairly difficult.

To date, what is the longest bicycle ride you have ever gone on?
Last year I probably rode a total of 150 – 200 kms. I’ve definitely rode that much in the past two weeks. My longest ride has been about 40km’s or so and I am building up from there.

At the moment I am just trying to be on my bike as much as possible.

What bicycle are you planning to ride?
A Gios Compact H.T. It’s sexy.

What are you looking forward to the most on the ride?
I’m totally looking forward to not working. I’m treating this as a holiday as well as a sweet challenge.

Is there anything specific which gives you reservations about the ride?
Hills, Hills, Hills. They scare me. The problem with biking in Toronto is that it is really flat. I have to get out of the city more in the coming months to train on some bigger hills.

How is participating in this ride going to effect your chain smoking?
Good question. Smoking is the least healthy part of of my life. I’m going to quit in a month. BOOM! April 30th is the goal.

Based on your own decision making process, how would you pitch Ride for Africycle 4.0 to another prospective rider?
My internal decision process was, “F–it dude, let’s go biking.” Maybe I’d try that.

When are you coming to town to ride?
Hopefully sooner then later. It all depends on the next time I have a couple days off in a row and can figure out how to get my bike up there.

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