Ride Update!

Friends and Wellwishers, I just received this email from Vanderherberg. This is what is up on the ride.


We’re leaving Queenston this morning. Finally the weather has turned. We’re going from 36 degree heat into rain and clouds today with a possible thunderstorm.

The trip has been great despite losing three people to various reasons. Of the initial 14, 11 are left. A highlight has been the newcomer, Steve Leak. The positive attitude and camaraderie that he has brought to the group has been really encouraging.

Another great addition has been watching World Cup Soccer in the afternoons. We had a few 5:00 AM mornings just so we could make it to a pub to watch the 2:30 PM game. So, if you see photos later on of our trip, and they’re all of us cheering for the Netherlands at a pub, please know that we actually did ride our bikes. 3 days left.

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