Home.  We basically raced home this morning, trying to get back in time to watch the World Cup finals.  Let’s be honest, this has not just been a cycling trip for Africycle.  This has been a World Cup fiesta with the odd cycling here and there.  There was a little spill on the road this morning which split up the groups a bit, and John Paul spilled on the way into downtown (instead of being hit by a car at the crossing).  What to say?  Seriously, it was a great trip.  We had some good laughs, great meals together, and friendships grew on the trip.  It was a pleasure to arrive into Uxbridge to a waiting crowd.  Ben Voss put together some bands for us and had hamburgers and hot dogs waiting in vast quantities.  I’d like to take this time (and space) to thank Dave Barber for his excellent bus driving and support crew skills.  You didn’t cook, but man, you did everything else, and we greatly appreciated it.  As for next year, if you’re not in, I think we’ll have to have 3 or 4 people to fill your spot.  But hopefully you’re around for another year.

Will this trip happen again?  I hope so.  It’s the highlight of my year.


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