Moments to remember



Moments. It’s hard to imagine committing to a ride that is 1100 kilometres long and remembering moments, but when I think back (and look back) on the ride I completed last year, it’s the moments that are the glue holding the whole together.

These are just a few.

The moment of leaving; hugs from well-wishers, the sight of people I barely know and several I don’t know at all, all wearing the same jersey as me. All riding down the main street of Peterborough with the goal of raising money for something good. Very good. A dream I have held for years coming true right before my eyes.

The moment of rounding a bend forty kilometres south of Peterborough and seeing together with cyclists becoming fast friends, a view that I have treasured on many solo rides before this of Lake Ontario – just a slight, pale-blue sliver, but magic as pure as any kid’s journey to the beach could be.

The moment after racing across Wolfe island to catch a ferry ride past the incredible Kingston wind-farm and stopping for an Americano in one of several unexpectedly lovely and good little coffee shops strung like pearls across the Upper New York State side of Lake Ontario.

The moment of watching the Fourth of July fireworks shows scattering like flowers around the Southern shore of that very same Lake with people whom I had only an hour before shared a deep tangerine and salmon pink sunset setting across the Northern shore of our home country just thirty or so miles across the water.

The moment of flying down the Niagara escarpment screaming with a combination of fear and exhilaration hot on the wheels of riders more fearless than myself bent on cracking their own personal top-speed records.

The moment known until now only by my own family of me walking in the door of my home, yelling with joy and pride and amazement at the simple fact of achieving the achievement that I had felt so unlikely at the beginning of this incredible adventure. My children and wife holding onto my words in genuine bewilderment as I began to unravel the stories – unlikely and yet entirely true – of the adventures that have become part of the fabric of my life story.

That’s why I’m back. That’s why I have trained on a trainer through the Winter. That’s why I am riding whenever I get the chance. That’s why I urge you to come along with us. To gather moments that you will never forget!


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i've been on bicycles since i was four years old. i love what my bicycle can do for me. now i'm learning to love what we can do together for the world.
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