Under eighty days until we ride!!!

On the beach

I remember this moment. The Fourth of July on the American side. We had a rock skipping competition then we watched the fireworks along the entire American coastline. I’m pretty sure that the guy at the back – Dave – blew everyone away by firing one across the Lake that ended up at the base of the C.N. Tower.

So wow! We’re under eighty days until we ride down George Street and head out again, on the adventure of a lifetime!

I ramped up my own riding today with a sweet journey up to Young’s Point. A round trip of seventy plus km along roads very similar to those I remember from last summer’s Africycle ride on the American side of the lake. The ride back into Peterborough was punctuated by some really nice sunshowers. The light broke through the clouds in awe-inspiring silvery grey bands and to cap it all off, the trip was made all the more sweet (literally) by a stop in at Michael and Andrea’s Silver Bean Cafe where a restorative Americano and a superb peanut butter and chocolate chip granola bar put some energy back into my jelly-like legs.

I love this pic from last year as we rode the ferry from Kingston past Wolfe Island and into the States.

There’s Ben, Michael, and John Paul.

Michael and Ben crossing the border

I had the pleasure of sitting with Michael for a few precious minutes today during which time we came up with a really brilliant wheeze along the lines of asking for prospective Africycle riders to bring some special skill with them. Maybe you’re really good at making s’mores, or maybe you’re really good at getting people’s hair done before photo shoots with the local press, or maybe you’re really good at skipping rocks across Lake Ontario. Bring a skill and we’ll celebrate it at the right point in time!!! But we need to know about it!

If you’ve signed up and you’re reading this then e-mail me at sleak8@cogeco.ca and let me know a little about yourself. I’d like to post some rider profiles here so I’ll need to know a little bit about you. If you feel comfortable, attach a photo. If you’re not comfortable, then attach an image that says something about you.

Here are a few prompts to get things rolling:
Who are you and what do you want where do you come from?
What Where did you first hear about Africycle?
What made you decide to come along? (you can get cerebral and emotional here if you wish).
The key question really . . . . What special skill or gift do you have that will show up at some random or pre-ordained point on the Africycle ride?
Besides accepting ridiculous challenges like riding around Lake Ontario in the middle of the Summer, what do you do for fun?
Describe your bike. Does it have a name?
If you had one wish – o.k. three – what would they be?
The last bit of this is open to you. Add stuff that you think might astonish, shock, or add colour to the image the other riders are building of you.

Thanks and I look forward to sharing a little bit of you right here!!!

Ride often. Ride for fun!

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i've been on bicycles since i was four years old. i love what my bicycle can do for me. now i'm learning to love what we can do together for the world.
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