5.0 comes alive!!!

The ride is quickly coming alive with little snippets of information surfacing about the names of riders, jersey talk, practice rides, and I myself have started fundraising.

As a feature of my life, I like to help raise money for worthy causes.
Three causes draw my attention – Pediatric cancer, Huntingtons, and Africycle.
Each gets my attention in a different way,but the one I wish to draw your attention to here
is the piece with Malawi.
It’s a little country, very far away.
Of course it’s very poor.
But. There are people there.
People with spirit and ambition that doesn’t easily compare to that of their Western counterparts because the model on which their scope and expectations are based is much different.
My work to support their work is very simple and in my own view very lovely.
Because it involves bikes.
Visitors to this blog may not know that I have never owned a car driver’s licence.
A strange and yet irrefutable fact that becomes more incredible when you learn that my family used to own and race vintage Jaguars and has always had a taste for nice cars.
I own two bicycles.
One is a road bike I saved up for for two years.
really good road bike that propels me around the countryside at great speed and in comfort.
That’s the one i’m using to get me around Lake Ontario in August of this year.
As you know, the plan is to complete the 1120 km journey in nine days.
Eight days of riding and one day of rest.
Oh boy!
The Ride For Africycle is in its fifth year.
I blogged last year’s ride
If you’d like to read and see that ride then you can start right here.
The Ride for Africycle supports Africycle who in turn support The Zomba shop, and Grace orphan care.

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i've been on bicycles since i was four years old. i love what my bicycle can do for me. now i'm learning to love what we can do together for the world.
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