Less than thirty days!

I can remember getting off my bike last July – actually it was on this very day – and wishing the ride hadn’t ended. I was so happy to be home, to see my family, to tell all the stories, to unpack my bin of stuff which smelt like the very worst swamp on the hottest muggiest day, to sit down on a soft chair, to … well you know, there’s a long list of what you do when you get home from riding 1100 kilometres. But to be honest, I was already thinking about the next ride.

Well, it’s almost here again!


I’ve been out on several rides, alone and with friends, getting my legs and head around the idea that some hard work is heading their way. Actually, you might be interested to know that I’ve heard that Africycle rider Dave Blondell may be putting together some pre-Ride for Africycle rides to get people together so check your texts and e-mails in the next little while. Speaking of Dave, I was invited to attend an organizational meeting for the Ride with he and fellow ride coordinator Michael VanDerHerberg at Dave’s minimalist palatial graphic design studio.

Here’s Dave unfolding the six foot long legs that will drive him around the Lake.

Here’s Michael striking a classic pose replete with perfect (and I believe on this occasion, product free) hair.

There was much discussion about the route, campsites, support requirements, riders, and all the other details that go into getting a team of riders around Lake Ontario comfortably while having a good time. It’s going to be absolutely awesome!!

Here’s an action shot of us Google mapping our way around the South side of the Lake.

One detail that became obvious during our discussions is that we would like to take more riders on this trip. If you are uncertain or if you know someone who is thinking about going but who themselves are unsure then encourage them (and feel encouraged yourself) to contact the Ride for Africycle by dropping a line right here. We’ll give you whatever information you need and do lots of convincing!

I’ll be posting a list of items I took for last year’s ride, (so you’ve got a bit of an idea about your own packing decisions) in the next blogpost here so stay tuned!


Keep riding!!


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