3.0 Rider Archive

Here it is.  The Ride for Africycle 3.0 lineup.  Take it all in, read some bios/look at some pictures:


Jordan Vander Klok.
I enjoy long bike rides, black coffee, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  I have ridden extensively in nine provinces and one state. I dumpster dive. I studied geography. I speak Spanish. My favorite post-ride experience is a litre of chocolate milk and baby powder.


Michael Vanderherberg.
World traveler, wikipedia handyman, purveyor of fine coffee, defender of defenseless ducks, and probably the nicest guy on the planet – Michael Vanderherberg. It was Michael who suggested Ride 2.0 could be a one lap thrill ride of the Great Lake, Ontario. A phone call placed, an email sent, a Google document published and shared, and here we are, circumnavigating a large body of water on our bicycles, for the good of Africycle. Michael is the Flavour Flav of Ride For Africycle 3.0. No, not the Flavour Flav of recent reality show fame, but the Flavour Flav of old. The Flavour Flav whom Chuck D referred to back in the day as “The Greatest Hype Man of all time”. If you are hearing about Ride For Africycle 3.0 —chances are it’s because Michael told you about it (he is that good).


Dave Breukelaar
Middle child, tallest member of my family, fungineer by day, aspiring tour rider, lover of camping, canoeing, bikes, cigars, campfires, bikes, the Stanley Cup, coffee, beer, bikes, music, fresh air, helping people, a good day’s work, friends, and bikes.  I love that Africycle combines so many of my passions, and that by riding bikes around a giant lake we somehow can help make a difference for people in a country we’ve never been to in ways that we can’t even imagine.


Carlo Raponi
Raised by African Wolves in Italy, Carlo emerged as one of the world’s foremost authorities on ways to enjoy Lucky Charms Cereal.  He loves the wonderful outdoors, Jesus and a delicious pint of beer!  Vote for him! (Carlo wrote this)


Micheal Vyn
Mike Vyn likes stuff.  CD’s, food, and other things.  He’s kind of a big deal, so a bio is fairly unecesarry.  He likes to wrestle and is sometimes violent in a really nice way.  He works with youth—who will attest to his coolness.  His mom also says he’s cool.  Mike Vyn is also dating Melodi Martin, whom he digs very much.


Andrea Vanderherberg
Andrea is excited to join the crew this year.  For the past 6 years she has been running The Silver Bean Cafe and is excited for a mid-summer adventure.


Arden Pilgrim
Young male from Bancroft, Ontario.  I am a new rider looking forward to all aspects of the ride; physical challenges, camping , fellowship, and time in the saddle.  Most of my time on a two wheeled machine has been spent riding dirt bikes.


Andy Guthrie
Andy takes pictures professionally (we intentionally shot the least professional picture of him above, just because), and makes things look nice on a computer screen as part of his 9 to 5.  He has a penchant for fancy cigars, old cameras, trail mix, and things that are funny. When asked what he is looking forward to most on this ride, he responded; “Some time with myself . . . something like that, no wait, don’t put that . . . suffering, sitting on a different kind of seat next to Dave (as opposed to the close proximity of their desk chairs), reflecting on life and suffering, I really don’t know (at this point in the interview, Andy’s mouth became full of trail mix and he started to tell me about some random encounter he had with a common friend of ours on the street).  I think I caught him off guard with the question.  Thanks Andy.


Pete Faught
Youngest fellow in a family of 6.  Will ride with grit, determination and grace, too.  Survived winter riding in Peterborough, hoping to survive time away from his girl.


Sheila Collett
I am a psychotherapist and keen recreational cyclist.


Wesley Collett–Taylor
I am 16 years old and I love biking, so I am excited for the ride.  I am glad to be supporting Africycle!


Trevor Malloy
Born in Toronto but raised in the backwwods town of Bancroft.  Grew up in a christian home and have developed a strong personal faith in God.  Started biking in 2008 nut have been on the stationary bike circuit for ten years.  Looking forward to enjoying an amazing trip with new friends.



Liz Overduin
Having been on several cycling trips, as well as cycling locally, I am often asked if I cycle for a charity.   (This may be because people can’t believe I really like cycling that much, so I must be doing it for a cause!)  When I accidentally came across Africycle, I knew that this was a cause I wanted to ride for.  The Africycle shop in Uxbridge, the website, and the few people I have met – Ted in the shop and Michael by phone, have so far made this an adventure I am excited to be a part of.  I am keen to be a part of this dynamic group.  I look forward to giving my all, cheering us on through the headwinds and downpours and celebrating with the tailwinds and sunny days.


Sean Lulgjuraj
Born and raised in Hamilton Ontario, I’ve been riding bikes ever since I can remember. When I turned 9 or 10 my parents got me my first Mountain bike and I have been hooked even since. I use my bike as a means of transportation as well since I don’t drive or even have a license. Currently I’m working at the Sheraton Hotel downtown Hamilton as a 2nd cook. I have been working in kitchens for most of my life but I’ve also done work in plumbing, landscaping, painting and photography industries. I have been to school a few times once for Photography at Mohawk College here in Hamilton and for outdoor adventure skills at Fleming College in Lindsay. I will be returning to school in September for General Arts and Science and after that Rehabilitation for the blind and visually impaired. Some of my hobbies are fishing, hockey, photography, swimming, paintball, music, and reading.


Ted Webb
I can’t deny I am a cyclist – I am with enthusiasm. Over the past 13 years I have been involved in many different disciplines of cycling. During the last while the idea of bike touring has taken it’s hold on me and I am more excited than ever that Africycle now has an annual fundraiser tour of it’s own. I have been working as a professional mechanic in various bike shops for over 10 years now which has been a great lead in to my current position running Africycles own shop “The Hub” located in Uxbridge. Since the idea of sending bikes to Malawi first dawned on me I have been passionately dedicated to this effort. It has brought great pleasure and has been so inspiring to see people like your selves join us in making a difference in the lives of many by providing the mobility and freedom of a bicycle.


Jessica Goodfellow
I was born and raised in Elora Ontario, just North of Guelph. I’m 21 years old ad I am currently in the middle of the Indigenous Environmental Studies program at Trent University in Peterborough, and am loving it! I am very interested in the natural world, and love spending time outside. The two things I believe to be most powerful/beautiful in this world are the ocean and the mountains…and I absolutely love trees! When I establish myself in the future my intention is to live near to the west coast of BC. Things I enjoy doing include snowboarding, taking photos, baking, gardening, and of course biking, and other stuff… I have no idea where I’ll be in 2 years, 5, etc, but I’m really excited to be doing what I’m doing this summer!


Erin Lempriere
I am a proudly born and breed Kiwi. Kiwi’s are typically defined as flightless birds pandemic to New Zealand. However I’ve experienced first hand growth of the new species which produces rest-less wings . . . but consequently advancing the pandemic. I once thought of Canada as my second home. this time around I’m heading to explore the one province I flew straight through . . . To cycle around the lake is an ideal way to get the feel of these new grounds for me. Cant wait to meet some new and local beings!

Jordi Vilneff
Jordi Vilneff, Is a grade nine student at St.Peters Secondary School in peterborough, ontario.He started riding three years ago when he saw an advertisement for the MS cycling tours. In two ears he completed four MS tours and raised $2,500 dollars. This year he’s commited himself to raise money for another great cause and is looking forward to the challenge of riding 1 thousand km’s over a nine day period. Jordi has also played different sports like football, soccer, lacrosse, hockey and enjoys going to the beach in the summer. He hopes one day to compete in the Olympics in cycling.

James Kirkland
I reside in Edmonton, Alberta. I was born and raised in Peterborough. I like riding my bicycle. I like riding my bicycle for with friends. I like riding my bicycle with friends while fundraising money for a good cause. I’ll be 23 years old when we go for the ride. Me in a nut shell

Ben Tyne

Stephen Sankar-VanDerHerberg

Ted Pearson

**Support Crew**

Michael Siddall

Benjamin Voss

Laura Vanderherberg

Melodi Martin

Carl Nielson Nielson

Dave Barber

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